Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

My trash was not picked up today. Why?
Common reasons for your trash not being collected may include, cross contamination or simply setting your trash out after the truck has gone by. Route drivers will periodically inspect recycling [blue] carts to ensure that the recyclables are not contaminated with other trash. Items such as green waste, construction debris or dirty diapers are examples of waste that can contaminate the blue cart of recyclables. Trash carts, [gray], that have not been picked up could have been related to having heavy or large construction debris sticking out of the cart.
Can I have another trash cart for all my waste?
Yes, A second cart is available at an additional charge.
I generate very little waste each week. Can I get a different subscription?
If you generate less waste than many other families, then you can set your cart out only when it's full.
I am too weak to handle these large carts. Are there smaller automated carts?
Not at this time. But, the new carts are very easy to maneuver and are well balanced for moving to and from your home to the curb.
What if I have bulky waste that won't fit into the cart?
The City offers free bulky waste collection. Just give our office a call and we will schedule the pickup of this bulky waste. This could include appliances, furniture, or tires.
I just moved into my home. How do I get my cardboard collected?
If you have more cardboard that can fit into your blue recycle cart, then you can call our offices and order a special pickup. Contact 329-5030 or 327-SAVE to schedule a pickup.

Green Waste & Recycling

I need information on what can be recycled. Where do I go?
Give our offices a call and we will mail you out information. You can also review the recycling section on our website.
How can I get recycling containers?
If you live in a single family dwelling just give us a call or email us and we’ll have containers delivered to you.
What can I do with my green waste (City residents)?
Green waste collection is provided to all residences. Green waste can be thrown into your old trash cans. No bags can be collected as the processor cannot handle bags. Bundles will be collected and recycled, however they need to be tied in approximate 2' x 4' bundles.
Can I use plastic bags green waste?
No. Green waste must be loose in trash cans or tied into 2' by 4' bundles. The waste is taken directly to a composting facility in bulk and cannot be contaminated with plastic bags.
Do I have to use these carts for trash and recycling services?
Yes. The City of Desert Hot Spring has directed DVD to clean up the community which includes the program of providing uniform containers along each residential street.
I had cactus in the recycle cart, but, the crew didn't empty the can. Why not?
Cactus is our Green Waste exception. Because uncovered cactus needles can be prone to displacement, we advise customers to place cactus in paper grocery bag or in a double plastic bag and place it with your regular trash on your regular collection day. Please do not place loose cactus inside the trash can.
Why do we have such large recycling carts?
The City of Desert Hot Springs must divert 50% of their waste from the landfill. In order to do this, the City must recycle more. Larger recycle carts encourage more recycling. Residents will be surprised of how much of their waste is actually recyclable. See the list of acceptable recyclable items
Can I have another recycle cart if I am a larger recycler?
Yes, Just call our offices for a delivery. An additional charge may apply.

County Customers

Why don’t I have the large automated trash and recycling carts?
Due to hazardous road conditions and difficult navigation some county customers will have to remain on the 32 gallon can service.
What can I do with my green waste?
Unfortunately there is not a regular scheduled green waste pickup in the county area but customers can call our offices and make an appointment to have the green waste removed.

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