Desert Hot Springs Residential Waste Services

2 Cubic Yards
Front height: 4'4" x 2'10" wide x 6'10" long

3 cubic yard container
3 Cubic Yards
Front height: 4' x 3'11" wide x 6'10" long

4 cubic yard container
4 Cubic Yards
Front height: 4½' x 4'5" wide x 6'8" long

Commercial Waste Services

Collection Parameters

You may increase or decrease your service level at any time. Changes your service level are limited to once per month.

96 gallon cart

For Low Volume Customers

  • Once-per-week cart service
  • Extra cart service is available
    (regulation size is 96-gallon)
  • Pickup on either Monday through Friday

Field checks are conducted in advance of bin delivery in order to assure that access to the bin can be done by our large collection vehicles. They will also identify that bin enclosures are properly designed and include appropriate gates and wall protection.

Customers will be notified of any condition that does not meet the criteria for trash bin service. A waiver will be sent to the customer if one of the conditions does not meet criteria. Customer will sign waiver and service will be authorized to begin.

For disposal of construction debris or temporary projects, please visit Temporary Bins

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