Desert Hot Springs Temporary Bins

3 Cubic Yard Temporary Bin

3 cubic yard container

3'9" high x 4'1" wide x 6'10" long

If you have larger projects,
consider an Industrial Roll-off solution

Portable Storage Containers

great for short term storage

storage container
22' long with 168 sq. ft. of storage space

Temporary Bins

Temporary bins are ideal for contractors with small remodeling jobs or for residents who are completing their annual landscape maintenance project or cleaning out the garage. Three cubic yard "construction" type bins are available on a monthly or weekly basis.

Temporary Bins are:

Portable Storage Containers

Storage containers provide a secured, safe storage space for short or long term projects for a variety of storage needs. The containers are portable and protected from theft and weather. They are perfect for storing construction equipment, job supplies and materials or for storing furniture during remodels. Boxes have secure access doors on both ends for easy access. They are 22’ long and provide approximately 168 sq. ft. of storage space. They can be rented by the month. Please contact our Roll-off department for more details.