Desert Hot Springs Residential Waste Services
Aluminum Beer Cans
Antifreeze Bottles
Assorted Food Jars and Bottles
Assorted Plastics
Baby Food Jars
Beer Bottles
Cereal Boxes
Computer Paper
Condiment Jars
Crayon Drawings
Egg Cartons
Food Boxes
Fruit & Vegetable Cans
Jam & Jelly Jars
Juice Bottles
Juice Boxes
Juice Cans
Junk Mail
Metal Coat Hangers
Mixed Paper
Milk Cartons
Pet Food Cans
Plastic Grocery Bags
Plastic Laundry Jugs
Plastic Soda Bottles
Plastic Wrap
Shampoo/Lotion Bottles
Soda/Beer Cartons
Soda Cans
Telephone Books
Tissue Boxes
Wine & Liquor Bottles
Wrapping Paper
PLEASE NOTE: The list of items that can be recycled keeps growing. Call our offices for the latest information.
Animal Waste
Bubble Wrap
Food Waste
Garden Hose
Light Bulbs
Padded Envelopes
Paper Towels
Yard Trimmings
Window Glass
Mirror Glass
Motor Oil
Nursery Pots
PLEASE NOTE: Carts containing these or other contaminants may be tagged and left uncollected.

Buy-Back Recycling Centers

There are a number of recycling buy-back centers in the desert area. You can visit CIWMB for a complete list of sites.

Palm Springs Recycling
280 Oasis Road
(760) 325-3377

Recycling Services

When does Recycling Collection Take Place?

residential trash cansResidential recycling collection occurs on the same day as your trash collection. Use the 96-gallon BLUE wheeled cart for your mixed recyclables.

You don't need to separate paper from plastic, glass from metal, etc. Just place everything recyclable (including cardboard) into the blue cart.

On collection day, roll your cart to the pavement edge with the handle facing away from the street. Please keep the container at least 4 feet away from cars, light poles and mail boxes.

We collect your commingled recyclables with clean-burning CNG-powered vehicles and transport the recyclables to a Materials Recovery Facility where they are separated and then are shipped off to be processed into new products.

  • Mixed glass, aluminum and plastic containers can be mixed into one container

  • All cardboard must be flattened and able to fit into the 96-gallon blue cart.

  • Large volumes of cardboard (new move-ins) are urged to call the office for a special pickup at NO additional charge.

Why the Need to Recycle?

Desert Hot Springs currently disposes approximately 10,000 tons of waste per year. In 1989, California State bill AB-939 mandated that all communities divert 50% of their waste by the year 2000. DVD has continued to meet that goal and continues to promote recycling.

What about Green Waste Recycling?

Please review our Green Waste information.