Palm Springs Special Services

Animal Waste

Certain residential customers have large properties that are used for raising animals. This could range from cattle, horses or dog training facilities. With these types of animals, comes an unusual volume of animal waste. Desert Valley Disposal can provide services to remove this waste. However, due to the heavy weight of this material and the special handling that is required in certain instances, special charges are incurred. Please contact our offices at 329-5030 to find out more.

Sharps - Medical Needles

The State Law since 2008 makes it illegal to dispose of home-generated hypodermic needles and other medical sharps in the trash, home recycling containers or green waste containers. State law requires home-generated sharps to be placed in approved containers for transport and disposal. For further details go to


Tires are no longer accepted at landfills. Currently there is a tire recycling plant in the Coachella Valley that will take used, unmounted tires. Desert Valley Disposal will collect a limited amount of tires from your residence at no charge (and is considered bulky waste). Only unmounted tires can be collected. Mounted tires are subject to charges, as the tire must be dismounted from the rim before a recycler will accept it. DVD also provides quarterly citywide curbside cleanups where tires will be collected (limit of 2 tires per resident). Look for your quarterly billing statement for information on the next cleanup date.

Special Services: Special Waste

The following items are considered Special Waste and must be disposed of properly.

E-Waste:Computers, TVs, Cell Phone, Computer Monitors

Electronic waste targets a whole group of waste that landfills no longer accept. SB-20 and SB-50 are State of California bills that have created programs that increase the number of collectors and processors that can collect your E-waste. Currently there are nominal charges to collect E-Waste. However, we are hopeful that in the near future these charges will be reduced or even eliminated once the number of processors increases and become fully on line.

Universal Wastes: Batteries, Florescent Light Bulbs, Non-Empty Aerosol Cans

Universal waste is no longer permitted to be disposed at a transfer station or into a landfill. Universal waste includes, fluorescent light tubes and fixtures, all types of batteries, mercury containing switches, gauges and games. Some universal waste can be handled by Desert Valley Disposal, and some types of universal waste can be disposed of at the Riverside County HHW cleanup events or at the HHW facility located at 1100 Vella Road, Palm Springs. Please call for details.


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